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Mr Coates at Mane Event

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Mr. Coates at three

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One of our stallions "Fooler"

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One of our Gypsy stallions "Ailbhe"

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FREYA: One of our horses with the Pearl gene


 Here you will be introduced to what we think are some of the best Gypsy Horses with some of the best Bloodlines available. With exceptional temperaments, outstanding conformation, good bone and muscle for versatility and a little colour to boot.  
We try and maintain a high standard with a healthy and safe environment for all our animals

All of our horses have a lot of handling on a daily basis. They are all up to date on their deworming and farrier work.
Our animals are a passion to us and a retirement hobby that we enjoy doing together.
We have been around horses all our lives and our love for the Gypsy Vanners has just begun.
Our current focus is to promote and work with these incredible little draft horses.
Also to carry on with the traditional characteristics  that the Gypsies bred into their horses over the years.

 - Something a little shorter to throw that harness on without losing the horse power.
 - Something that will take your breath away every time you look at them.
 - Something you feel safer working with, for yourself or for the youngsters.
- Something to spend time on, on the trail, show ring or wagon.
 - Something that stops people in their tracks.
 - Something versatile, intelligent and loving.
 - Something that has hair, hair and more hair.
- Something that is closer to the ground.
 - Something that comes in all colours.
 - Something that is easy on the eye..
Something that will return your love.
 - Something for a companion..
- Something different

Or all the above? Then you are looking at the right type of horse. Plus you are on the right Website.
Give us the opportunity to introduce you to our animals as well as answer your questions that you may have.
We will try and add lots of photos, as a photo is worth a thousand words.
We hope you enjoy looking at our Website as much as we enjoy spending time with our animals.


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2015 Homozygous Pearl with a Agouti Gene